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Accelerated Freefall. The most intensive 'learn to skydive' course we offer.

The AFF, Accelerated Freefall is the most intensive 'learn to skydive' course we offer.
It is designed to allow you to freefall on your first jump course. You will spend a day with 2 instructors learning all the skills you need to make your first skydive from up to 15,000ft.
Learning to skydive goes beyond your level 1 AFF course.
There are 6 more levels to complete before you have finished your direct training with your instructor.
With each AFF level, you will learn new skydiving skills which allow you to be independent in freefall.
Basic practice pull and stability drills will be the focus of your first 3 jumps. You will jump with 2 instructors giving you hand signals in freefall.
From the 4th jump you will be with only 1 instructor and you will be concentrating on improving your basic body position.
At the end of your traing you can start to do your solo jumps!!!

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